Polished Clay Polished Clay
It is so hard to be clay! To be rescued and chosen, thought of and designed is quite wonderful. But everything that follows is so very difficult! ...  More [+]

Turned Clay Turned Clay
It is believed that the potter’s wheel was invented thousands of years ago, between 6000 and 4000 B.C., and possibly in Mesopotamia, Egypt or China. ...  More [+]

Pressured Clay Pressured Clay
Chosen and rescued, visualized and thought-through, cleaned and prepared – and most importantly, centred. Now the clay is ready to be worked....  More [+]

Centered Clay Centered Clay
Don Jorge himself said it: the most important thing in the process of creating a sturdy vessel is centering the clay on the wheel. ...  More [+]

Prepared Clay Prepared Clay
I had no idea. I thought it was actually quite easy and simple. You just go out and get the clay, you sit down at a table, and you start to work and create....  More [+]

Visualized Clay Visualized Clay
Long before beginning a clay project, the potter already has in his mind and in his heart a definite idea and a clear image of what he wants to create....  More [+]

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