Reflect In Your Heart Reflect In Your Heart
How do you start a new year? ...  More [+]

Why Shepherds? Why Shepherds?
Have you ever asked yourself why God chose shepherds to be the first to know about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem? Why not the religious or political leaders of the day?...  More [+]

Why Mary? Why Mary?
Have you ever asked yourself why God chose Mary to be the earthly mother of His Son Jesus? Why not someone older and wiser, or richer, or more influential?...  More [+]

The Tradition of ADVENT The Tradition of ADVENT
Many years ago in my birth-country of Canada, I learned about the tradition of ADVENT......  More [+]

What King Is This? What King Is This?
JESUS, THE CHRIST, the Son of the living God: first He was a babe - then he became a child - then, a man - and now, and forevermore, HE IS KING!...  More [+]

He Has Visited His People He Has Visited His People
There is so much of it going on during the Christmas season. Visits here, visits there... All of this visiting has brought these words to my heart these days......  More [+]

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