Reflections from Europe: Taste and See

Tuesday May 5, 2020


These Coronavirus-pandemic days of early 2020 have us reading horrific news from all over the world - but especially how the Covid-19 virus has been infecting and decimating several European countries like Italy, Spain, France and the UK, and the United States of America, to name the worst-hit nations of them all.
As I think about these European countries -- so old, so historic, so cultural, so beautiful, filled with so many lovely places to see, and so many wonderful things to do, and so many amazing people to befriend -- I think back to my husband's and my 25th-wedding-anniversary trip that we took to Europe almost 4 years ago now. How we loved every single minute of it! How we delighted in everything we saw and did, in everyone we met and spent time with, in everything we learned from our five weeks there!
And so, in memory of our such wonderful days in Europe back then, I have decided to re-post a few reflections I wrote when we got back home to Colombia. Thoughts and meditations on places we saw and things we did, and what they taught me about life and people and God... because they are just as relevant today, in our world steeped in a mind-boggling health and economic crisis, as they were a few years back when life was "normal".
Today, from the Reflections For Living Treasure Chest:
Reflections From Europe: Taste and See


It was all delicious!


The “paella” in Spain: 


The “tarte flambée” in France: 


The sausages in Germany: 


The paprika chicken in Hungary: 


The pork knuckles in the Czech Republic: 


The “Brettljause” in Austria:


Everything was appetizing, delectable, savory, tasty!


Every meal was an experience: from choosing the restaurant and the particular dish, to its mouth-watering presentation on the plate, to its wonderful textures and flavours on our tongues… A taste-feast from beginning to end!


I remembered all this the other day when I came to my daily devotional reading in 1 Peter 2:3 which says, “if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good” – a verse similar to the words in Psalm 34:8 which read, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”



My husband and I tasted many delicious foods on our trip to Europe almost four years ago now. We looked forward to the next restaurant and the next meal we were going to eat, hoping for and anticipating their goodness. Once we had tried something delicious, we wanted to go back for more. We would sit at our table, mull the savory food around in our mouths, our taste buds delighting in every morsel, enjoying the flavours and the textures until either our plates were empty or we were simply too full to finish.


Now, is that not how our experience with God ought to be? “Tasting” His goodness, savoring His kindness, feasting on His kindheartedness. Mulling them around in our hearts, until our spiritual eyes “see” Him in all His grace and graciousness, mercy and forgiveness. Our minds reflecting and meditating on His goodness, until our spirits learn to trust Him and take refuge in Him. Looking forward to and anticipating our next encounter with Him, always going back for more – because we have tasted and seen that God is indeed very, very good!


Then we will be ever so much more blessed and happy than when my husband and I tasted the “paella”, the “tarte flambée”, the sausages, the paprika chicken, the pork knuckles, and the “Brettljause” in Europe. Because those pleasures, as delicious as they were, were only superficially and temporarily filling. But tasting and seeing and trusting in God’s goodness – those pleasures are profoundly and eternally satisfying.


"Satisfy us each morning with Your unfailing love,

so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives."

(Psalm 90:14)


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