They Say It Was Squire Boones

Tuesday, July 9 2019



They say that it was Squire Boone’s - the younger brother of Daniel Boone, the well-known folk hero of American frontiersmen fame.


Squire Boone Jr. (1744-1815), like his older brother, was also an American pioneer. In the spring of 1779, he moved his family to the settlement at the Falls of the Ohio, a place that would later become the city of Louisville in the state of Kentucky. A year later he founded and established Squire Boone’s Station, the first permanent settlement in Shelby County.


“Among the first permanent settlers in the wilderness territory of Kentucky were many of the people called Baptists, who were the pioneers in religion in Kentucky. Along with these early settlers came the pioneer Baptist preachers, facing every danger, suffering hardship, visiting the settlers in their rude log cabins, comforting the bereaved families, whose loved ones had been murdered by the Indians, and preaching the gospel at every opportunity.


Squire Boone was evidently the first [itinerant] Baptist preacher to set foot on Kentucky soil…”, and is said to have preached the first sermon in Louisville. (taken from The Pioneer Baptist Preachers of Kentucky - by Frank M. Masters)


He is reported to have been a good preacher, a man of undoubted piety, and devoted to the cause of Christ. He was also a very hospitable man.


And so there I was, some 240 years later, sitting on the front porch of what is said to have been Squire Boone’s inn: a place where weary travellers could come and spend the night before moving on in their journey – a place where they could find warmth and food and a place to rest their tired bodies and worn-out spirits before heading out to face the elements once again. Perhaps, being a Bible-believing Christian, Squire Boone knew and lived by Job’s words: 


“The stranger has not lodged in the street;

I have opened my doors to the traveler…”

(Job 31:32)



Now the log building that was once Squire Boone’s "Travellers' Rest" inn is simply called “The Cabin”, and sits on the grounds of Iron Bell Ministries in Louisville – having been taken apart log by log wherever it had stood before, and then rebuilt again log by log where it stands now.


As I sat there on the porch, looking at the centuries old wood around me, thinking of Squire Boone who initially built the Travellers’ Rest inn, then reflecting on the many who had no doubt found refuge and renewal under its roof and within its walls throughout the many years – I realized that I was just another link in a long, long chain of people who had been and were still being blessed by this one man, by both the material and the spiritual legacy that he had left behind. Because “The Cabin” was still serving as a place of refuge and renewal, spiritual warmth and food for this weary traveller (me) on life’s road. Because this beautiful place of rest and meditation had sparked hours of reflection and prayer and thankfulness for God's goodness in my life these days...


“For You, Lord, are good,

and ready to forgive,

and abundant in lovingkindness

to all who call upon You.”

(Psalm 86:5)


“How great is Your goodness,

which You have stored up for those who fear You,

which You have wrought for those who take refuge in You…”

(Psalm 31:19)


The same God who had surely been good and forgiving and abundant in lovingkindness to Squire Boone Jr. more than 200 years ago, was and is still good to me today. Greatly good! With an abundant goodness that was wrought, or worked and accomplished, in the past – for those like Boone and like me who take refuge in Him. And with an abundant goodness that is stored up for future need, for those like Boone and like me who fear Him.



“They say it was Squire Boone’s…”: his Travellers’ Inn and his spiritual legacy, passed down to me in rest and blessing more than two centuries later. How could I not thank God for His great goodness to me, even in this! 


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