My Life - A Place of Miracles

Tuesday, May 21 2019


One day a few years ago I heard a sermon about the miracle of the healing of a paralized man during the time when Jesus lived here on earth.


The preacher spoke of the three words that Jesus spoke to the paralytic, after first forgiving him of his sin: “Get up, pick up your mat, and go home.” After years, no doubt, of being in a whirlwind of prostration and physical, emotional and spiritual paralysis, completely unexpected and amazing hope appeared to this man: the healing and transforming words of Jesus. Now, the paralytic could and had to leave behind his mat; he had to give up and let go of all the things and people and situations on which he had been depending; and he had to learn to depend solely on the sufficiency of God. Now, he had to take his first steps in faith, and go home and give testimony to the miracle in his life amongst his own family.


Let’s return now to Isaiah 35, where we have been looking at the five marks that ought to characterize the lives of people who are submitted and yielded to the kingship of King Jesus. We have seen the first mark: My Life Will Become a Place of Beauty and Song – and the second mark: My LIfe Will Become a Place of Strength.


Today we will look at the third mark: My Life Will Become a Place of Miracles (vs.5-6a).



“Then will the eyes of the blind be opened

and the ears of the deaf unstopped.

Then will the lame leap like a deer,

and the mute tongue shout for joy…”


What is my life like without the presence of the King? My eyes are blinded, possibly my physical eyes but definitely my spiritual eyes. I cannot see and I cannot understand the truths of God, because my eyes are blinded to them, and I only see darkness. My ears are stopped, possibly my physical ears but definitely my spiritual ears. I cannot hear nor understand what God says, because my ears are plugged. I am lame, limping physically perhaps, but definitely mentally and emotionally in my life - stumbling on my sins and weaknesses, and tripping over my disappoinments and failures. I am mute, unable to speak physically perhaps but definitely unable to express in word or song all that is within me - my mouth is unable to speak truth and gratitude, and is unable to sing for joy.


But when the King comes into my life, my eyes are opened - my ears are unstopped - I can leap like a deer - and my mute tongue can shout joyfully. God is the Healer of the external things: my eyes, my ears, my lame legs, my silenced mouth. But He is also the Healer of the internal things: He helps me see His truths with greater clarity and understanding - He helps me to listen and to really hear His voice of wisdom and direction for my life - He helps me to walk straight and tall in His paths of light and righteousness - He helps me to speak what is true and what is pure, and to sing His praises with thankfulness and with joy.


Dear friend: how is your life today? Are you still blind and deaf, lame and mute as always? Do you never see any supernatural changes in yourself, nor in the lives of the people that your life touches? Or do you feel that there are miracles and there is healing happening in your life? Do you feel that God is moving in you, bringing about restoration and renovation within you?


In the light of the story of the paralytic who was healed by Jesus, have you heard His miraculous words to “get up” in your own life? Are you willing to “pick up your mat” of mistaken dependencies, and to trust in the all-sufficiency of God for your life? Are you willing to give testimony to a life filled with miracles and transformation first in your own home with your own family?


Dear friend: remember - in Exodus 15:26, God said to His people: “… I am the Lord who heals you.” In the Hebrew, He is “Jehovah Rapha” - “God, the doctor who heals us”. He wants to be a God of miracles in your life. The question is: do you want to witness those miracles in your life?


(ideas taken from “Thirsting After God”, by Dr. Keith Price)

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