So... Who Are You, Lord? - PART III

Saturday, August 18 2018



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Jesus is not the Beginning as we understand beginnings, when something or someone originates and first exists. He has always been – He has always existed. He is the absolute Beginning – because everything that is, originates in and comes from Him. He has and He is the First Word, in the universe and in history.


And Jesus is not going to have an end as we understand endings, when something or someone ceases to be or to exist. He is eternal, and will therefore exist forever without end. He does not have an end, but He is the absolute End – that is, everything will somehow finish in Him. He has and He is the Last and final Word, in the universe and in history.


JESUS said: I AM


Revealed to humankind in the Bible, there is one name for God that is unique and special beyond any of His many other names. And that name is YHWH.


It is used over 6800 times in the Old Testament, indicating an insistence on God’s part that He wanted to be known not as a generic deity with a title, but as a specific Person with a Name.


The name comes from the Hebrew word “to be” — and declares God’s absolute, infinite, eternal, unchanging, self-determining and inexhaustible Being in Christ, who also referred to Himself as “I AM”.


Dear friend: which of these “I am”s of JESUS most speaks into your life these days?


Are you longing for “BREAD” to fill the spiritual hunger inside you?


Are you searching for “LIGHT” in the darkness of your daily existence?


Are you looking for the “DOOR”

that will finally lead you into the abundant life you are seeking?


Are you longing for the fierce yet tender-loving care of a “GOOD SHEPHERD”?


Are you seeking “RESURRECTION and LIFE”

for all the dry and dead areas in your inner being?


Are you lost, and looking for “THE WAY”?

confused, and looking for “THE TRUTH”?

feeling dead, and looking for “LIFE”?


Are you feeling like a listless and fruitless branch,

because you are not intimately connected to the life-giving “VINE”?


Are you needing to remember that Jesus is the “ALPHA and OMEGA”,

the absolute First and the absolute Last,

the Beginning who had no beginning

and the End who will never have an end?


Are you needing to center and rest

in the infinite, eternal, absolute and self-determining “YHWH”,

before whom your life is oh-so-small

and yet oh-so-significant?


Dear friend: take the time today and in the next days to focus on the particular “I am” of Jesus that you long to see more real and present in your life. And if you like, write and tell me about it.


I for one need to be reminded again and again that He is my “GOOD SHEPHERD”: who provides, who protects, who guides, who sacrifices His very life for me. I need to remember that His love for me is fierce and yet tender – and that when I am lost, He will fight to find and save me, and will lovingly bring me back home to His heart.



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