Ephesians 3:16

Ephesians 3:16

Tuesday, August 15 2017


While I’m counting out each $1 loonie and $2 toonie for my Dollarama purchases when I’m in Canada, or each peso at the grocery store when I return to Colombia, there are others who oh-so-naturally and oh-so-calmly speak of their business dealings in foreign currencies in the hundreds of thousands and even the millions of US dollars!


Speaking of worldly riches…!


But there are other “riches”, not counted out in any earthly currency, that are truly “riches” worth seeking and having for one’s own.


Ephesians 3:16-17 reads:


“… that according to the riches of his glory

he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit

in your inner being,

so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith…”


Not human riches – but God the Father’s riches (v.14).


Not material riches – but the riches of God’s glory. That is, God’s glory first and foremost is the “weight” or the awesomeness of who He is in Himself, sometimes revealed to mankind and other times kept hidden in mystery. Secondly, God’s glory is the external manifestation of His being: all His beautiful and eternal attributes and character disclosed as He chooses to His creation. And those attributes and that character are “rich”: abundant, plentiful, bountiful, overflowing and inexhaustible!


From that lavish and generous store of His glory, God longs to strengthen us. Not only with physical fortitude and vigour, but also and more importantly with power through His Holy Spirit in our inner beings. So that the might and the tenacity for our daily living here on earth come from a fountain of life, abundant and eternal, springing up from within us.


And “so that Christ may dwell in [our] hearts through faith”. Not so that we might be rich in material possessions. Not so that we might be physically robust and formidable. But, so that the Father’s Son Jesus might inhabit our hearts and abide there through our trust and devotion to Him.   


Father, Son and Holy Spirit: the Trinity Itself, and their riches in glory made available to us in strength and power and faith in our inner beings – made accessible to us as the Three in One abide within us.


Why worry so much about loonies and toonies and pesos, when “the unfathomable riches of Christ” (v.8) – the immeasurable, boundless and endless riches of Jesus and His presence with us – are available to us if we but pray and ask!

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