The 3:16 Series

The 3:16 Series

Monday, June 5 2017


I was thinking about Colossians 3:16 the other day: about letting the word of Christ dwell in us in all its richness and all its wisdom. 


And then my mind jumped to John 3:16, the most well-known and well-loved of Bible verses.


And then, continuing on my mental tangent, I recalled that 1 John 3:16 is a powerful verse as well.


And then it ocurred to me that maybe there were other "3:16"s in the Scriptures that were also significant – and how fascinating that would be!


So I went through most of the 66 books of the Bible - and discovered that, in the New Testament alone, 15 of the 27 books have profound "3:16" statements.


And so, here is my “Reflections Project” for the next weeks: looking at all those deep and meaningful New Testament “3:16” verses – not examining them in any great depth – but acknowledging them and reflecting on them – and if possible, memorizing them as well.


THE 3:16 SERIES here in Reflections For Living: 15 Bible verses that, as Max Lucado wrote in his 2007 book entitled 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope, are numbers and words of hope for a world that is losing all hope.


Join me in the next weeks. Let’s allow THE 3:16 SERIES of Bible verses to dwell in all richness and in all wisdom in our hearts.


I am completely confident that we will be deeply rewarded if we do so: our lives will be ignited with hope, filled with courage, and overflowing with thankfulness and joy!

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