Day 8 - God Is Love, Do Not Doubt

Day 8 - God Is Love, Do Not Doubt

Thursday, March 13 2014

We have arrived at the eighth day of Lent.

Yesterday I mentioned a book that I am reading called He Loves Me, by Wayne Jacobsen.  Today I would like to share with you some quotes from this book that have had me thinking …

Many, if not all of us, have at some point in our lives here on earth lived a “Plucking-the-Daisy-Petals Christianity”: “He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not.”  Think about it …

“The little girl is standing in the garden singing while she plucks the petals off her daisy one by one and they all fall to the ground.  When the game is finished, the last petal determines everything:  if the person she loves returns her affections or not.”

Of course no one takes this game seriously, and if we do not get the answer we hope for, we just take another daisy and start all over again.  It does not take even children very long to realize that flowers were not designed to tell us about our romantic future.  Why should we tie the desire of our hearts to luck?

Seriously, why would we do this? But this is a much more difficult lesson to learn in our spiritual search than with romantic matters.  Many years after we have forgotten our daisies, we continue to play this game with God.  In this game we don’t pluck daisy petals, but we do use our circumstances to imagine exactly how God feels about us.

I got a raise in my salary. He loves me!
They did not give me the promotion I hoped for, or worse yet, I lost my job.  He doesn’t love me!
Something in the Bible inspired me today.  He loves me!
My child has a serious illness.  He doesn’t love me!
I gave money to someone in need. He loves me!
I let anger get the better of me. He doesn’t love me!
Something I was praying for happened just as I prayed it would. He loves me!
I was not completely honest when I was getting out of a commitment.  He doesn’t love me!
A friend calls me unexpectedly to encourage me.  He loves me!
My car needs a new transmission. He doesn’t love me!

“And what about you? Have you felt pushed forward and backward (like a pendulum) by circumstances so that sometimes you have the conviction – but almost always the doubt – about how much the Creator of the universe really loves you?  Or perhaps you have never known how much God loves you.”

“The fact that God has never acted towards us in any way except with profound love is something that challenges human understanding. I know that sometimes it does not appear this way … but perception is not necessarily reality. If we define God only by our limited interpretation or by our circumstances, we will never really discover who God is.”

“He loves you more deeply than what you could ever possibly imagine; and He has loved you this deeply all of your life.”

“For your personal journey:

How frequently have you found yourself doubting God’s love for you?
In what situations have you thought that He loves you more?  or less? 
When troubles come, do you doubt the love of God for you? Do you try to be better and do better so that He will love you more? 

Ask God in the next few days to reveal the depths of His love for you.” 

Yes, dear friends: let’s ask God to reveal to us the mysteries of His immense and eternal love for each one of us.  When at last we understand it and believe it, we will never be the same again.

“It’s time to put aside our daisies and discover that it is not the fear of losing God’s love that will keep us on His path, but the simple joy of living in that love every day.”

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