He Is No Fool - Jim Elliot

He Is No Fool - Jim Elliot

This is the quote for which Jim Elliot has most been remembered and honoured since his unexpected death in 1956.


What do you think?


It's true, isn't it? There are many things and even people in this life that we would like to hold onto and keep for ourselves - but when we do so, we end up losing them. Better by far is to give up what we cannot keep anyway, so that in the end we can gain what we can never lose: that is, the salvation of our souls.


Jim Elliot (1927-1956) was a Christian missionary who, along with four other men, was assasinated as they tried to take the Good News of Salvation to the Huaorani tribe via a project known as Operation Auca in Ecuador.

In 2005, a movie came to the big screen about Operation Auca: it is called END OF THE SPEAR. It is very worth seeing!

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