Good News of Great Joy: December 23

Good News of Great Joy: December 23

Saturday, December 23 2017




"For if while we were enemies
we were reconciled to God
by the death of his Son,
much more,
now that we are reconciled,
shall we be saved by his life.
More than that,
we also rejoice in God
through our Lord Jesus Christ,
through whom we have now received reconciliation."
(Romans 5:10-11)
How do we practically receive reconciliation and exult in God? One answer is: do it through Jesus Christ. Which means, at least in part, make the portrait of Jesus in the Bible - the work and the words of Jesus portrayed in the New Testament - the essential content of your exultation over God. Exultation without the content of Christ does not honor Christ.
In 2 Corinthians 4:4-6, Paul describes conversion two ways. In verse 4, he says it is seeing "the glory of Christ, who is the image of God". And in verse 6, he says it is seeing "the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." In either case you see the point. We have Christ, the image of god, and have God in the face of Christ.
Practically, to exult in God, you exult in what you see and know of God in the portrait of jesus Christ. And this comes to its fullest experience when the love of god is poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, as Romans 5:5 says.
So here's the Christmas point. Not only did God purchase our reconciliation through the death of the Lord Jesus Christ (v. 10), and not only did God enable us to receive that reconciliation through the Lord Jesus Christ (v. 11), but even now, verse 11 says, we exult in God himself through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus purchased our reconciliation. Jesus enabled us to receive the reconciliation and open the gift. And Jesus himself shines forth from the wrapping - the indescribable gift - as God in the flesh, and stirs up all our exultation in God.
Look to Jesus this Christmas. Receive the reconciliation that he bought. Don't put it on the shelf unopened. And don't open it and then make it a means to all your other pleasures.
Open it and enjoy the gift. Exult in him. Make him your pleasure. Make him your treasure.



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