How Is Your Soul?

How Is Your Soul?

Jesus withdrew regularly and intentionally.

Sometimes alone, sometimes with His disciples.

Sometimes to the wilderness, or the sea, or a solitary place.

Sometimes to rest, to pray, to grieve...


We too, especially as we begin this new year, ought to consider withdrawing.


Withdrawing might include a physical change of location,

but mostly it is an attitude of the soul.


We need to withdraw to reconnect:

with God in prayer,

with ourselves through reflection,

and with others by spending time together.


We need to withdraw to recharge:

to rest,

to refill what has been depleted,

and to be refreshed in joy and passion and peace.


We need to withdraw to re-engage and to re-enter life:

with new vision and with new strength.


We refuel our bodies daily by breathing, drinking, eating and sleeping.


This year, let's intentionally and regularly find ways to refuel our souls as well.


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