Twas The Day After CHRISTMAS - Lynn Casagrande

Twas The Day After CHRISTMAS - Lynn Casagrande

Tuesday, December 26 2017



'Twas the Day After Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the town
The ones who weren't Christians were feeling let down
The stockings weren't hung by the chimney anymore,
And boxes and wrapping covered the floor.

The kitchen was covered from floor to ceiling
With enough dirty dishes to set Mother reeling
The children were whining over what they didn't get
And rather than sharing, they were throwing a fit!

The malls were bustling with post Christmas shoppers
Searching for bargains on racks and in hoppers.
The salesmen looked haggard, the shoppers looked worse
As credit cards flew out of wallet and purse.

There were no joyful sounds of carolers singing,
And the only bells heard, were registers ringing.
The scene was altogether too grim,
For all the people who didn't know Him.

If only this unhappy crowd could know
That the Spirit of Christmas isn't tied with a bow
And stacked in piles underneath the tree,
He lives forever in you and in me.

He didn't start in presents piled up in a sleigh,
He started with Christ being born in the hay.
The perfect gift from our Father above
Sent to us sinners to show us His love.

He came without wrapping or boxes or strings,
No glitter or glamour or other vain things.
He came with a promise of hope for all men,
That even in death, we'd have life again.

The next face you encounter covered with strife,
Introduce them to Jesus and change their whole life.
Teach them that Christmas is a daily thing,
That comes from intimately knowing the King.


"... they went out

and spread the news about JESUS

throughout all that land."

(Matthew 9:31)

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